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M I N U T E S   O F   L U N C H:
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SATELLITE: (French "satelles" = an attendant or guard)
1. a) A follower or attendant attached to a prince or other person of importance; b) Any obsequious or fawning follower or dependent.
2. a) A small planet revolving around a larger one, moon; b) A man-made object put into orbit around the earth, the moon, or some other heavenly body.
3. Something subordinate or otherwise dependent, specifically a small state that is economically dependent on and hence adjusts its policies to a larger more powerful state.

Lou Reed, Satellite of Love (Wild Child, Transformer, Velvet Goldmine Sountrack)
U2, Satellite of Love (Peace Together Album, One[single])
Perry Farrell, Satellite of Love (Rev)
Porno for Pyros, Satellite of Love (The Cable Guy Soundtrack)br> Elvis Costello, Satellite (Spike)
Ricki Lee Jones, Satellites (Flying Cowboys)
Dave Matthews Band, Satellite (Live at Luther College, Under the Table & Dreaming)
Billy Bragg, A New England Town ("looked up at the stars but they were only satellites" Back to Basics)
Gang of Four, Satellite (Satellite)
Yo La Tengo, Satellite (May I Sing With Me)
13 Engines, Satellite (Conquistador)
Mars Accelerator, Satellite (I Am the South Pole)
Ray Sawyer Rockin,' Satellite (Gulf Coast Grease, Vol. 1: Sandy Story)
Dicky Goodman, Santa & the Satellite (Dr. Demento Presents Vol. 6: Christmas Album)
Nirvana, Satellite Jockey (The Story of Simon Simonpath)
Tasmin Archer, Sleeping Satellite (Acoustic Moods Album)
Theatre of Hate, Satellite (Act III)
Donald Byrd & Gigi Gryce, Satellite (Jazz Lab: Modern Jazz Perspective)
Jerry Engler, Sputnik [Satellite Girl] (That'll Flat Git It! Vol 6: Rockabilly)
The Duals Lover's, Satellite (Stick Shift)
Peter Case, Satellite Beach (Peter Case)
Sex Clark Five, Satellite Beach (Battle of Sex Clark Five)
AC/DC, Satellite Blues (Stiff Upper Lip)
Asia, Satellite Blues (Archiva vol. 2)
Nine Below Zero, Satellite Blues (On the Road Again/Off the Hook)
Little Brother Montgomery, Satellite Blues (Tasty Blues)
Falco, Satellite To Satellite (Wiener Blut)
Young Farmers Claim Future, Satellite Newsroom (Unploughed)
Miss Red Flowers, Satellite (Miss Red Flowers Album)
Skip Heller, Generation Satellite (Lonely Town)
Peter Jeffries, Satellites & Sparks (Elevator Madness)
The A-Bones, Satellite Dish (The Life of Riley: 15 Kaboomin' Hits)
Elliott Smith, Satellite (Elliott Smith)
Sex Pistols, Satellite (The Mini Album, Pretty Vacant, No Future UK?)
The Wake, Satellite [New Moon] (Nine Ways)
Funland, Die Like a Satellite (The Funland Band)
Peace Love & Pitbulls, Satellite Lullaby (PLP3)
Smash Mouth, Satellite (Astro Love)
Fantastic Plastic Machine, Satellite Beats (Luxury)
Stephane Grappelli, Satellite Beats (Fit as a Fiddle: 1933-1947, jazz)
Biosphere, Baby Satellite (Microgravity)
Robyn Hitchcock, Satellite (Eye)
Sonia Dada, Planes & Satellites (Lay Down and Love It Live, A Day at the Beach)
Ronald Stein, The Satellite (Not of This Earth: The Film Music of Ronald Stein)
XTC, Another Satellite (Skylarking)
P. Hux, Another Satellite (A Testimonial Dinner: The Songs of XTC, various artists)
Kate Taylor, Satellite Sky (Strong Hand of Love: A Tribute to Mark Heard)
Ice Station Zebra, The Satellite Falls (Soundtrack)
Pop Will Eat Itself, Satellite Ecstatica (This Is the Day…This Is the Hour)
Polypehmus, Satellite Sun (Scrapbook of Madness)
Pere Ubu, Fedora Satellite II (Story of My Life)
Pigface, Satellite-Needle in the Groove [No Damage Done] (Below the Belt, Washingmachine Mouth)
Alison Moyet, Satellite (Essex)
David Kenyatta, Satellites Overhead (Mission To Mars)
Luscious Jackson, Satellite (In Search of Many)
Elton John, Satellite (Ice on Fire)
Sun Ra, Lights of a Satellite (Fate in Pleasant Mood/When the Sun Comes Out, Space Is the Place)
The Kent 3, Satellite (Stories of the New West)
Montage, Satellite Jazz (Mixology)
Flanders & Swann, Songs for Our Time: Philological Waltz/Satellite Moon… (The Complete Flanders & Swann)
The Tubes, Satellite (Sedated in the '80s, various artists)
Echo & the Bunnymen, Satellite (Echo & the Bunnymen Album)
The Bomboras, War of the Satellites (Head Shrinkin' Fun)
The Ventures, War of the Satellites (The Ventures Play Telstar/ The Ventures in Space)
Depeche Mode, Satellite (A Broken Frame)
John Cale, Satellite Walk (Artificial Intelligence)
The Replacements, Satellite (All For Nothing, Nothing For All)
Catherine Wheel, Satellite (Adam & Eve)
Arlo Guthrie, Satellite (Someday)
Madder Rose, Satellite [She's A] (Tragic Magic)
Fool's Progress, Shack [with a Satellite] (Fool's Progress Album)
Def Leppard, Satellite (On Through the Night)
Bim Skala Bim, Satellite (Eyes & Ears)
David Bowie, Looking for Satellites (Earthling)
The Hooters, Satellite (Hooterization: A Retrospective)
The Huntington Cads, Ebonite Satellite (Go Exotic!)
Dancing Fantasy, Satellite (Daydream)
Phil Alvin, Mr. Satellite Man (Country Fair 2000)
Colin James, Satellite (Colin James & the Little Big Band)
Cusp Venusian, Satellite (Space & Time & Liquids & Metals)
Ellie Warren, Satellites (The Best of ERC Records: We Are Invincible)
John Coltrane, Satellite (Coltrane's Sound)
John Mattick, Satellite Search (Tome & Volume)
Runrig, Satellite Flood (Beat the Drum)
Buck Jones Satellite (Bliss)
Dagmar Krause & Marie Goyette, Through My Satellite (A Scientific Dream & a French Kiss)
The Dogs D'Amour, Satellite Kids (Erroll Flynn/Straight)
Interloper, Satellite State (High Times: Dream-Driven Beats & Downbeat Dub Album)
Satellite Baby (Atomic Café original soundtrack)
Jesus Jones, Satellite Over Tehran Mix (The Devil You Know [single])
Rick Wright, Satellite (Broken China)
Dreamworld, Movin' Up [PG Tips Satellite Mix] (Movin' Up [single])
Cretins,' Hop Satellite (Band Crazy: Compilation for Multiple Sclerosis)
War Babies, Satellite (War Babies Album)
Single Gun Theory, Satellite (Like Stars in My Hands)
Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Boom Boom Satellite (Dress for Success)

Various, 400 Volts of Stax & Satellite Album
B52s, Bouncing Off the Satellites
Flaming Lips, Transmissions from the Satellite Heart
Setiva Luvbox, Beloved Satellite
Sun Ra, Monorails & Satellites
Counting Crows, Recovering the Satellites
Bill Nelson, After the Satellite Sings
Liquid Gang, Fantastic Pirate Satellite
Satellite Soul, Satellite Soul Album
The Drag, Satellites Beaming Back At You
The Judybats, Down in the Shack Where the Satellite Dishes Grow
7% Solution, All About Satellites & Spaceships
Road Kings, Live at the Satellite Lounge
Gang of Four, Satellite

Georgia Satellites
The Satellites
Bobby Day & the Satellites (same as The Satellites?)
Six Finger Satellites
Boom Boom Satellites
Satellite Soul
Viva Satellite!
Viral Satellite
Satellite Inn
Satellites Four
Shaolin Satellite

(Satellite Sounds produced John Lee Hooker, Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters, Patsy Cline, etc.)

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